The adoption of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (Directive) in 1991 in the European Union (EU) promoted the improvement of urban waste water treatment in the EU Member States. The recently published 10th report on the implementation of the Directive (2020) shows that compliance rates with EU waste water collection and treatment rules are high and have increased compared to the previous reporting period. According to this report, 95% of waste water in the EU is collected and 88% is biologically treated.


  1. To inform trainees about the basic principles of waste water treatment management in the EU, approaches toward the standardisation of waste water treatment, technologies, prospects for the commercialization of treatment facilities, economics of use of sludge, use of process (technical) water/(class D waters) in urban infrastructure
  2. Capacity building and training in the effective use of international experience in the framework of ongoing reforms in the sector.


This event presentations are available in Russian only.

Day 1 – 26 October 2020

Day 2 – 30 October 2020