WECOOP News Bulletin

The WECOOP News Bulletin provides brief information on the recent developments in EU policies and legislation, as well as on new relevant reports and studies published by the European Environment Agency or other specialized agencies. 

Investor Guide

The main purpose of the Investor Guide is to provide structured guidance for Central Asian professionals on development of bankable project proposals and facilitate preparation of successful project proposal. It provides general guidelines and best practice for development of project proposal as well as provides information on the requirements and conditions, including proposal appraisal, respective project cycles and project environmental and social criteria, set by various relevant IFIs and donors providing funds for climate change adaptation and water and environment projects in the region of Central Asia.

Decision to develop Investor Guide for preparation of regional investment projects in Environment, Climate Change and Water in Central Asia was taken by the 6th Meeting of the Working Group on Environment and Climate Change, within the EU–Central Asia Platform for Environment and Water Cooperation, which took place in July 2017 in Astana, in the Italian Pavilion inside the Expo 2017 “Future Energy”. The Meeting has identified the following key capacity building and training needs to help filling in knowledge gaps to catalyse investments through improved understanding and professional skills:

  • IFI guidelines and procedures;
  • Key factors and diagnostic tools in the identification and design of investment projects;
  • IFI project cycle and project preparation and appraisal.

The Investor Guide is available for download here:

Circular Economy Brochure

This guidebook has been prepared to introduce the Circular Economy concept – one of the main policies that European Union has been promoting since 2015. Circular Economy covers sustainable production and consumption, as well as wise waste and plastic management. 


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This section contains the recordings of capacity building trainings and webinars organised and held by the WECOOP experts on the European Union legislation, regulations and experience in air quality management, water quality management, waste management, climate change and other.

  • WECOOP-IGTIC Webinar “Best Available Techniques in Power Industry”

Follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/igtickz/videos/1262213684141515

  • WECOOP-AirVision.kz Webinar “Introduction to Air Quality Management with a focus on Indexes and Inventories: the EU experience”
Air quality management in EU
Urban AQ management
Air quality standards
Urban inventories
Air quality indexes
  • WECOOP Webinar “Wastewater Treatment Management: the EU experience”
EU tariff policy in the sector – part 1
EU tariff policy in the sector – part 2

Drinking Water Directive